Tell me what you plan to do with your wild and precious life…’

Mary Oliver (American Poet)

‘Creating experiential impressions’….

My work explores and enquires into the fundamental nature of reality, the principles of being, identity, change and possibility (the metaphysical).

Creating helps me make sense of the world and my experience. I have always been curious regarding ‘what makes us tick  ...’ the fundamental questions I guess: why are we here; what is our purpose; what is real and what is illusion. This adventure has sent me down many paths; my art helps me enquire into how we create self-identity; become more conscious beings; and where are we headed as a species. From a philosophical perspective what are the tools that give us access to ‘being closer to the truth about what is real and what’s just going on’ how do we ‘self-actualise’ and become better versions of ourselves. And the more questions I ask…..the more questions arise. I consider this a worthwhile exploration during my wild and precious life.



Welcome  and Kind Regards - Gunnel Watkins




surrender to silence

experience life as an awakened dream

holding everything, embracing 

the unknown shapes, reshapes

invisible forces always at play

we move back into the womb

I rock in moonlit night,

seed buried,

out of site,

an end always a beginning

a beginning also an end


....remember she welcomes heroes



Sculpture: METAMORPH