Creative Alchemy Workshop

 For artists and non-artists

wishing to explore their self-expression and creative being.

“Creative Alchemy” gives you the opportunity to explore your self-expression and creative being inside a transpersonal context.

Exploration is predominantly through visual representation and explores the art of seeing; reflection; and creativity outside the normal comfort zones.


Of, denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.


The workshop offers simple methods and practical tools to explore creative being. Working with transpersonal art processes, storytelling, symbol making, myth, ritual, music, meditation and physical techniques.

We will demystify this thing we call “creativity”. We foster the belief that we are all born creative, with a yearning to self-express our unique being in the world; and, that being an artist does not always have to be an “isolated“ affair. Our artistic journey benefits from being with a group of people with a desire for mutual respect, growth, experience and contribution. 

By the end of the program particiants will:

1         Have the practical skills and knowledge to be able to step outside their comfort zone to assist with their creative process and self-expression.

2         Create an art work following the creative process: Preparation; Incubation; Illumination; Implementation; Verification.

3         Recognise and choose strategies that will assist with the “creative block” experience.

4         Select processes that can assist and empower the creative process.

5         Demonstrate the difference between looking VS seeing.

6         Explain what is meant by creativity; self-expression; imagination and the transpersonal, and how this knowledge can assist them with  creativity and self-expression.

What previous participant’s say they learnt/ experienced during the workshop:

  • Permission to be less restrictive with my art.
  • The confidence to draw and paint using colours to record feelings and emotions rather than 3D form.
  • Imagination and creative painting.
  • The creative process as experienced by artists and cultures that I admire.
  • The confidence to take risks and not worry about the “failures”.
  • What you can develop when you just start something rather than having to know the outcome in advance.
  • The importance of storytelling…the ability to “squeeze it out” from any staring point.
  • Collage, Poetry and being my “authentic self”.
  • Relaxing and taking risks

What previous participants have expressed when asked to write a online phrase that described their experience: 

  • Confidence to express what I feel through art flows from a belief that I am true to myself and what I say matters to me.
  • Peaceful and relaxed experience.
  • A step in the creative journey for me, without judgement from others.
  • Very transformative.
  • Fun, friendly and rewarding, the workshop opens you up to new possibilities, gives you techniques and explores your inner artist’s motivation.
  • I now accept that recreating patterns in my mind is creative and artistic.
  • Self – discovery and eye opening

Gunnel will ensure a comfortable and respectful 

learning environment.